Commencement Program

graphic design

Cover design developed for the 50th Annual Commencement program distributed to all graduates. In order to commemorate the 50th Annual Commencement this cover was specially designed to deviate from previous covers. Previous covers utilized a navy blue scheme and were very minimal, usually showcasing the UC Irvine bell tower or a map of the campus. There were two goals we had for this cover: capture the emotion of commencement and make a cover worthy of the 50th Commencement.


Below I outline the process taken in developing the Commencement cover.

Initial concept for website based on highlighting historic and iconic buildings around campus.

We decided to instead emphasize the fact that it was the 50th Annual Commencement and explored graphic treatments for "50".

We started with this photo because we wanted to capture the excitement and celebration of commencement. We also chose to work with some variations of the bright mark (UC Irvine element) around the 50.

While the previous iteration captured the emotion we wanted, it didn't feel UCI because it lacked the UC Irvine colors (blue and gold). We chose these photos which were dynamic, but had large blocks of blue.

After searching through 15000+ photos this photo captured the greatest amount of diversity and captured one of the most prevalent commencement activities: taking pictures. We removed the ground and the UCI athletics logo in the back to simplify the design and give it that strong UCI blue.

The large 50 wasn't as obvious as we'd like so we chose to move it up towards the center. To still make the motion dynamic we chose to shear the 5 and then adjust the thickness around some of the curves and add in the students on the left to recreate the scene.