new narratives website

website design

As part of a division wide effort to update our websites to be more user-friendly, one of the first websites we approached was the New Narratives Website. New Narratives is an initiative at UC Irvine that attempts to create dialogue, or a new narrative, around issues of identity and culture by hosting various events throughout the year.

Visit the website here: New Narratives Website

Before any designing was done our first task was to evaluate the previous website and initiative (now two years old) and identify the objectives of the new website. We identified the following objectives, listed in order of importance:

  1. RSVP for an event.
  2. Learn more about an individual event.
  3. Learn more about New Narratives events.
  4. Learn more about New Narratives.

After we identified the objectives, we next identified how people were coming to the website. We determined that users were usually going directly to individual event pages or the events page.

Identifying the user objective and flow we decided that the website needed to be events based. Instead of splitting the upcoming events and the past events, we instead opted for a dynamic events page where both existed. As upcoming events passed they would be automatically moved to the past events section.

Events Page

We developed a template for individual events that was flexible for the variety of events that New Narratives hosted. In addition to the individual events page we wanted it to be easy for a user to browse both upcoming and past events.

Individual Event Page


Initial exploration of the homepage layout. We wanted to make the New Narratives logo prominent, but also use it as a way to advertise past events.

Final sketches of the home page. One of the unique challenges was designing this page to be flexible enough for a normal user to design new sliders utilizing a content management system.

Mobile mockups of the various pages.

More detailed schetches of the about and events page on mobile.