tickets application


Every year in June roughly 8000 students walk across the stage in one of 10 ceremonies to commemorate their graduation in front of their loved ones. Before they can do that they need to reserve their spot their school’s ceremony and request tickets for their guests. In an effort to make the process easy for both graduating students and the team in charge of commencement, I worked with our app developer to create a web based application through which students could use to reserve their tickets and administrators could use to access reservations.

Desktop View

Mobile Views


Modular. Streamlined. Uncluttered.

Approaching the flow of the application, we opted for a modular approach. By grouping questions into logical sections and dividing questions we were able to create Uncluttered user interface. The less content on a page, the less the user is overwhelmed with. The user is able to focus on the question at hand. Streamlined user experience. By taking a modular approach and the application is able to perform more checks which means no unnecessary questions or pages.

Splitting questions into multiple steps to allow for quicker, modular experience.